May 5th, 2013

Photos from our most recent stop in Boston

Check out our photos from our stop in Boston


Hitting the Road

February 2013

First up, ArtsEmerson in Boston - just off the historic Boston Commons. We started thinking about touring in a very abstract way when the run in NYC finished. We’d had such a good time, the show was so hard to memorize, we had to continue doing it -- somewhere. We were fortunate to meet Tommy Kriegsmann and we began plotting a future life for “An Iliad”. We’re hearkening back to a very old tradition - a man with a coat, a hat and a suitcase. That’s it. Oh, and the words. We will show up and beg a table, beg a chair. Rachel Hauck, our brilliant designer will scour the basement of whatever theatre we happen to be in and look for old lights, ladders, sinks, junk. Anything to make the space feel more lived in.

But what we realized when we started doing this show in New York is that as nice as the sound design is, as beautiful as the lights are, this show is essentially about the tale and the telling of the tale.

So off we go. To Boston. Come and see us.

Update: Boston

We find ourselves coming to Boston at a very extreme and emotional time. We planned this tour long ago, but no would could foretell the events that would overtake this city in the past couple of weeks. We wonder what our play will say to the people of a city who have just experienced such random and heinous violence? We want to entertain and provoke but we don't wish to offend. It is the mission of theatre to reflect the culture or its time and to have a dialogue with that culture. As we head into our tour in Boston, we want to engage with our audience in a respectful and heartfelt dialogue about violence, war and the human experience.